Hey, Jenna & Sam here and we
have a confession – we overanalyze.
We believe that people tend to be surface thinkers and can’t see beyond black and white. We not only see shades of grey, we see the spectrum in between. We hope to use this blog as a platform to communicate our true life, our finds, our inspiration and our weaknesses. We are constantly observing our surroundings, what’s being said, what people are wearing and our take on…life – it makes the world more interesting.

There’s a difference between normal concern and excessive obsession. We’re all guilty of it, so why don’t we analyze, overanalyze, then analyze a little bit more?


jenna burke

about me

I'm as cliche as they come - a small town girl from Ohio who moved to New York with hopes of finding bigger things. What I've learned about those "bigger things" is that they're bullsh!t. I went through an endless amount of careers pretending to be someone I wasn't. When I took the idea of "bigger things" away, I thought about ME. I am a girl who loves to create - to inspire - to share - to discover. That's why I'm here.


I'm an Ohio State graduate that majored in Marketing. For many years, I worked in advertising at Conde Nast and never really felt fulfilled. When that chapter closed, I took some time off and naturally...went on a reality TV show. Just google "Jenna, Cry Baby." A lot of things were in disarray in my life...clearly...and it wasn't until I decided to pursue my creative endeavors that everything came together.

By day, I head up the PR, Marketing & Branding for RealBeanz. By night, I'm a blogger and a freelance host. I don't have one job and I prefer it that way.

sam ralph

about me

As a native New Yorker, I grew up visiting the museums, shows, restaurants of Manhattan, and shopping at the trinity of the 3 B's (Bergdorf, Barneys™ & Bendalls of course), before I even knew I was on sacred ground. I think being exposed to all these cultural experiences early on has led me to become the crazy creative I am today.


In college I studied graphic design and eventually worked my way up to become an art director for one of the worlds largest corporations (which I'll leave unnamed for now). I recently left that position to pursue my own design career, which has been both the scariest and also most rewarding thing I've ever done. The thing that keeps me going is a piece of advice someone once told me – you know you're doing something right when you're scaring yourself sh*tless... and so here I am!

I hope to use this blog to share my stories, inspiration and other random finds to at best inspire you and at worst turn your :( –> :) Because what's the point of it all if I can't share the wealth.