To officially kick-off The Over-Analyst, a beauty post seemed to be the most wanted in all categories.  There was no struggle in who I wanted to interview.  It was absolutely and most definitely, the one and only…Ms. Kacie Boguskie.  Most of you might know her from Season 16 of The Bachelor but this America’s Sweetheart is getting more tweets and emails regarding her hair than anyone I know.  Not only did she make a strong impression with her sweet, Southern personality but is was that hair!  Oh, that hair.  Because we are dear friends, I knew she wouldn’t turn down the interview.  And if she did, I was planning on threatening her I would unfollow her on Twitter.  But Kacie was beyond ecstatic to share with my readers on how she really tames that mane of hers.  So here she is ladies (and gents), KACIE BOGUSKIE.

The Over-Analyst:  So you must get this a lot but we were kind of OBSESSED with your hair on The Bachelor.  Do many people stop you and ask you about the products you use?  Because I would.

Kacie:  People have deemed it “Kacie hair”.  I have a friend who said she knows someone who works in a salon in DC and people keep coming in saying “I need help, I have Kacie B hair.”  I use great Pantene ProV and Biosilk soothing serum (it’s an oil I put on my hair before I dry it).
The Over-Analyst:  We obviously saw your mane and how it reacted in tropical locations.  I liked when you rocked your curls but it seems that the humidity got to it a little.  What do you think are the best products for women (and even men) to use to tame that mane?

Kacie:  Wow!  The humidity didn’t like my hair, or my hair didn’t like the humidity (Which came first? The chicken or the egg??).  The best cure is some moose!  And some soothing serum!  Moose after you shower and once it dries, add some soothing serum… And PRAY!

The Over-Analyst:  Can you walk me through your daily process – how many times/week do you wash you hair?  What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?  What products do you apply after you get out of the shower?  And what kind of hair tools do you use to make this magical transformation happen?

Kacie:  Depending on the weather and my workouts, I try to only wash my hair every other day.  Because the process takes longer than the average girl, I just don’t have that kind of time.  And besides, it’s healthier for your hair not to wash every single day.  I shampoo my hair twice with Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and condition with the conditioner. I towel dry my hair and add Biosilk silk therapy serum and then use a round brush to dry.  I take the top part of my hair and clip it up and dry that part first and then divide the top part and dry it last. Then I take a break to rest my arms and decide what I’m feeling that day, curls or straight?!  No matter what I divide it into sections and curl or straighten in small sections!  Takes about 10 minutes to straighten and 15 to curl.  I have a great 1 inch curling iron I like by Hot Tools and I also have a 1 1/2 inch for the big loose curls by Conair.  I have a bombshell curling wand (which is my FAVE)!  Sooo many tools and so much time.  It’s all worth it!

Hot Tools 1 Inch Curling Iron

Bombsell Curling Iron

The Over-Analyst:  Do you pay attention to your diet to better you hair?  Any specific foods that you think help?  And which vitamins do you take?

Kacie:  I have noticed when I eat more protein my hair is shinier and grows quicker. I also take a prenatal vitamin to help it grow quicker. My dad saw then one time and was a little concerned, had to tell him they don’t get you pregnant and then give him the birds and the bees speech! Haha just kidding!!!

The Over-Analyst:  I know you recently tried an at-home keratin treatment!  Which one?  Can you walk me through the process and if you were satisfied with the results?

Kacie:  I recently did the suave at home keratin treatment, and I must say t does a great job! It last about 30 days and takes about and hour to do.  There are 3 steps and the key to it is to comb your hair continuously and keep it as straight as possible!  If you don’t want to pay the salon prices I highly reccomend it!!