IMG_0673-final Right now, the trend is, “I Woke Up Like This.”  Whoever wakes up in the morning smelling like sex and roses, you’re a phony. Unfortunately, to look like you don’t care, you have to care. So this is my “I Woke Up Like This” look but at the same time “I Got Ready For 30 Minutes” look.  I’m not a big fan of the perfect curls.  Anything that surrounds ‘perfect’, has me cringing. There’s something extremely hot about not being perfect. Read more

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No, this post isn’t about telling you to throw back as much tequila as you want. Rather, it’s more about analyzing the cocktails you are consuming.  When I was younger, I could drink anything I wanted because my metabolism was higher.  As I entered my 30′s, I just realized I can’t keep living the same lifestyle I once did.  Every weekend I can’t keep consuming bottles of wine with friends, pitchers of beer, margaritas as big as your head.  It’s not good for your health, or your figure and it really doesn’t help you get up in the morning and get a good workout in.  I know what you’re thinking, moderation is key. It is key and it is do-able.  But this is my philosophy – when you’re sipping on beer, wine or even a vodka drink, they go down pretty well, right?  Have you tried tequila? No, not shots or a margarita – a mixed tequila drink.  I recently started drinking tequila, soda water with a s splash of grapefruit juice.  Not only is it pretty delish but my friends lapped me in drinks once or twice.

Not to go all nerded out on you but in a fairly new research, a team of scientists fed mice a standard diet, and added agavins (which are contained in tequila) to some of their water. They discovered that the mice who consumed agavins ate less overall and had lower blood glucose levels. The effects were stronger than other artificial sweeteners like aspartame and agave syrup. The mice consuming agavins also produced a hormone called GLP-1 that keeps the stomach full longer and produces insulin, which is another reason it could be beneficial for people with diabetes and weight issues.

After two of these tequila cocktails, I’m feeling good and not even wanting anymore.  Part of the reason may be because tequila not a depressant which all other alcohol is.  I like to mix it with soda water because it cuts back the calories.  And the splash of grapefruit juice just sweetens the drinks a bit.  The more sugar you add, the more calories and the worse the hangover.  If I’m making this at home, I love adding jalapenos.  Spicy cocktails are my jam!

Would you give up wine and beer and go 100% tequila?  What are some of your favorite healthy cocktails?


Ok so Father’s Day is fast approaching and it wouldn’t be me without a last minute gift guide. I tend to do things last minute but it works for me. I’m sure many others are prolonging this as well because fathers might be the hardest to buy for. Every year, I make the bad decision and ask my pops what his wish list is. And every year, it’s always the same, “A big card with a beautiful personal message inside.” Um no, Dad. Mom gets showered with jewels and flowers on Mother’s Day, so you’re not just getting a card. So it’s up to me and since I did the leg work, I thought I would share. As a daughter, it’s your job to keep your father lookin/feelin young.

What are your go-gifts for Father’s Day?



It’s been a while kids. The wretched flu has had me out of  commission for the past week. Once I was able to finally emerge from my apartment, I didn’t realize how hot it has gotten. For those really hot days, the last thing I want to do is put on a pair of jeans. Suffocation, no breathing is not really so appealing. If you saw my last post with those palazzo pants, I’m going with an apparent theme this summer. I’ve had issues as a New Yorker being drawn to black so I’m doing my very best to bring bright bold colors into my wardrobe. And comfort is a huge thing for me as of lately. It can sometimes be hard to feel hot and comfortable at the same time. I’m finding a lot of these hot, comfortable pieces from Francesca’s. Have you heard about ‘em? They are SO affordable and I’m always leaving with half a new wardrobe…and I’m picky. These red hot mamas were only $34. They also have an adorable matching top to go with it. I just decided to pair it with a simple faux leather boxy top.

This weekend, I’m off to the Belmont Stakes with some friends. I’m sure there will be some iiinteresting fashion so make sure to check back on TOA this weekend!

IMG_0219-finalIMG_0178-finalIMG_0230-finalIMG_0250-finalCalvin Klein Leather Top (similar here + here) // Francesca’s Embroidered Shorts //
Melie Bianco ‘Carrie’ Bag




Palazzo Pants


I love these palazzo pants, supa dupa comfy with a cool, tribal print! I decided to combine them with a pale pink vintage top and camel color booties, which you can barely see:)  When it starts to get warmer, I’ll definitely break out the tanks! Do you like them?


IMG_0124-finalIMG_0116-finalIMG_0122-finalVintage Top(similar here) // Francesca’s Printed Palazzo Pants // Crown Vintage Dottie Bootie


JColb-1Behold our latest obsession – the minimalist earring OD. Piercings aren’t just for teens in capes loitering malls anymore, it’s actually an art form in its own right. This look is all about mixing and matching minimalist almost industrial-looking geometric pieces with delicate feminine ones. We’ve been stalking J Colby Smith, the native piercer for NY Adorned’s LES piercing and tattoo joint who charges a pretty penny (not including the earrings that range between $100-1G a piece), whose celebrity client list includes Erin Wasson, Olivia Thirbly and supposedly Julianne Moore (you go girlfriend). His work is drool-worthy to say the least. He treats each ear as its own blank canvas and never recreates the same piece twice.

Warning: These pics may make you want to get piercings immediately. Stay away from St Marks area this evening if you have no self-control.

JColb-2 JColb-3 JColb-4 JColb-5 JColb-6 JColb-7


1. Pave Diamond Cutout Skimmer EarringSmith + Mara $925
2. Matte Split Stud Earrings, Of A Kind $260
3. Hammered Bar Studs, In God We Trust $180
4. Large DT Pyramid Back Stud, Wendy Nichol $165
5. Colette Earrings, Nasty Gal $15
6. Big Dipper Diamond Earring, Smith + Mara $348
7. Safety Pin Earrings, Passerine $155
8. Get Social, Nasty Gal $12